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Pauline’s yoga journey began many years ago while still a collegiate athlete.  Yoga was an integral part of her training as a distance runner.  She was fortunate to train under a coach that recognized the importance of elongating muscles through a yoga practice to counter –act the compacting of muscles that occurs with vigorous strength training.  However, it wasn’t until her adult years that she began practicing yoga mindfully. 

Pauline is a Yoga Alliance certified eryt-200 Teacher.  She has a multi-disciplinary approach to her classes that focus on alignment, strength, and working to your fullest potential.  Her classes integrate Prana-flow, Wild Wisdom, and Forrest techniques along with neuro-yoga training ensuring a full body and mind experience that will challenge all fitness levels. Yogis can be assured they are practicing in an environment that recognizes that each person is unique and that breath patterns and yogic assists feel differently in different bodies.  Classes are taught allowing for up-level and down-level options as well as alternate approaches to achieve a student’s highest potential. She will meet each student where they are in their yoga journey.

Pauline has completed training in Prana Flow and Wild Wisdom Yoga.  She has had the opportunity to complete weekend immersions with international yogis such as Ana Forrest and Seane Corne. She has been practicing in RI for over 15 years and has benefited from the opportunity to practice with yogis throughout the state in many disciplines.  She brings all this training to the mat.  Pauline loves to learn.  Reading, practicing and discussing yoga techniques and theory with fellow practitioners  along with continual work-shopping keeps her approach to teaching fresh and ever-evolving.  Students will not be bored!

Pauline believes yoga is essential to everyone.  Breathing, meditation and physical movement are necessary for the mind and body- Especially in the hectic and stressful environment we live in today.  She has been bringing yoga into non-traditional spaces for the last 5 years. She recognizes a calm peaceful location is not always accessible for many people and teaches her students how to find the calm in the storm.  She has worked with educators to help them build a practice that makes their stressful days more manageable. Pauline has worked with soldiers from the Army Reserve as well as Officers in the State Department and Army Rangers educating them in a practice to alleviate pain from their career’s taxing of their bodies as well as breathing techniques to calm the central nervous system in times of extreme stress.  She has been working with children in a program called Mindful Art and Yoga guiding the students in an anti-anxiety and positive approach practice that is designed to help them integrate the lessons in their daily lives.  As you can see, age and activity levels vary- but the approach is the same—you are safe, you will be cared for and you will succeed.

Pauline lives in Warwick, RI with her husband Marc and their two children, Nate and Caroline.  She loves to run, read, practice yoga!, play! And travel.  She is an enthusiastic lover of life and learning.

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