Learn more about Tanya

Tanya’s goal is to encourage and support you to nurture and love yourself as you move towards wholeness. 

Hi! I’m Tanya. My classes are filled with gentle yoga movements. I offer lots of stretching and soft movements.  My wish is for your practice to bring you a sense of being fulfilled and feeling good about yourself and who you are. I want you to come to the mat just as you are. You are perfect however you present both physically and emotionally. My hope is that you come off your mat feeling more secure and confident in yourself.  I wish for my students to take what they learn on the mat and apply it to their every day life.

  • Certified Yin Yoga Instructor 
  • Certified Gravity Yoga instructor
  • Certified Flexibility Coach
  • Life long ballet dancer
  • Certified ballet instructor 
  • Trained in Neuroplasticit
  • Trained Traditional Chinese medicine
  • BA in Psychology, specializing in Reality Based Therapies: Minor in Special Education
  • Raised two beautiful young men and lots of two/four legged beings 🐶🐱🐣 (love animals – they are the best people I know) ❤️

I always say just “Make it to your mat” and the rest will come naturally!

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