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Yoga is far more than just a physical practice of holding postures and balancing. Yoga is the practice of joining the mind and the body together. In this fast paced age of doing our brains become dissociated from our bodies. We may not even be aware when this is happening because in essence that is what dissociation is, being unaware of our bodies. Yoga literally meaning “union” or “merging two into one” is the practice of bringing our body/mind and spirit back into connection with each other.

Jessie Jewels is a full time artist, yogi and fire dancer. She uses her background in education (B.S. in Education Studies from Rhode Island College), her experience as an art teacher for St. Mary’s School (North Providence, RI), and her training instructing yoga and meditation (200 hour yoga teacher training with Coral Brown) has led her to developing her own curriculum and workshops teaching art out of her home studio and across Southern New England.

Jessie is a member of Providence Artisans market. Her work can be found in local galleries and shops, at the Hope Street Artisan’s Market, Waterfire Arts Plaza, Scituate Arts Festival and other local art festivals. When Jessie is not working in her studio or teaching art workshops she can be found spinning her hula hoop (sometimes on fire) or spending time in nature.

Education and Teachers
Rhode Island College: B.S. in Education Studies
Flow Arts Institute:  Fire Safety Professional
200hr Integrative Vinyasa Yoga teacher: All That Matters Yoga (Coral Brown)

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, John Kabat-Zinn

For more information please visit YOGA – JESSIE JEWELS ART

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