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Aeriel loves yoga!

She loves practicing, teaching, and exploring all the ways the practice of yoga shows up in her life every day both on and off the mat. As a teacher, she invites students to explore the power and movement of their breath in each transition, in each pose. She welcomes students to change from thoughts and expectations of what they “can’t do” to explore and discover what they “can do” inviting a greater awareness for each individual to find their way to greater love, compassion, and freedom for themselves in their own life journey. 

Aeriel came to yoga 13 years ago after an injury that changed her life significantly. The practice of yoga brought a new sense of energy and awareness as she rehabilitated her ability to move and function once again. Aeriel is formally trained and holds a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling and has 30 Years of experience. Twelve years ago, Aeriel was foundationally trained in the style of Forrest Yoga (200+ hours). She also received a certificate in 2011 in Trauma Sensitive Yoga through the Justice Institute. Aeriel has continued her yoga studies over the years in Ashtanga Yoga, Yin Yoga, Structural Yoga for injuries continuing studies, and several trainings in Yoga Nidra Meditation. Aeriel’s strongest influences in the yoga world are her students, Ana Forrest, Seane Corne, Debbie Valois, and Alan Finger of Ishtayoga and many others. She recently participated in The Laughing Elephant Yoga TT (200 hours).

Aeriel has lived in Cominicut Village for over 20 years, enjoying the companionship of her cat and two canine friends, Chester 15 ½ years, Dustin 11 ½ years, and Bailey 10 years. No longer able to hike and backpack she now takes to the water in her kayak. Aeriel is a lifelong die-hard baseball fan (sports geek in general) and cheers for her Red Sox and Cubs. She loves landscaping and gardening and enjoys the antics of squirrels and the birds in the yard. 

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